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✅ Join 500+ satisfied professionals 
✅ Team up with recruitment specialists
✅ Designed for the most competitive jobs

How does it work?

✅ Unconventional Skill Assessment 
✅ Reinforce your professional branding
✅ Write a strong CV that leads to more interviews
✅ Shape a top notch LinkedIn profile 
✅ Set up a successful job search strategy
✅ Strengthen your impact during job interviews
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Battle tested and proven results

 ⚡3X the number of job interviews
2X your closing rate during job interviews
⚡LinkedIn profile 4X more visible by recruiters
+2000 LinkedIn targeted contacts/months
+150 targeted messages sent per day
4X your visibility on the job market

Is this training for you?

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100% digital and Do-it-yourself program

Welcome section
Welcoming words
3 mins
How to use the platform & Google Docs
2 mins
1/ Get more clarity in your career
Make your professional skills assessment
2 mins
Who are you as a professional? / Advanced personality tests
124 KB
2/ Empower your professional branding
The biggest mistake you should avoid on the job market
9 mins
Shape your strong Unique Value Proposition
156 KB
Online presence / Recruiters look at you... Time to clean?
3.02 MB
3/ Write the best version of your CV
Introduction / What you need to know about the CV in 2020
Power words & success phrasing to boost your professional branding
64.2 KB
Persuasive writing / Show the company you are the right solution
8 mins
CV structure / The best one according to your career path
CV Templates / Executive Level, Classic and junior
59.7 KB
Complete guide / Write the best version of your CV
Empower your CV with data
217 KB
Design & Structure: 15 keys to make your CV stand out
29.5 KB
CV / Resume Final Review Checklist
41.2 KB
4/ LinkedIn: set up a top notch profile to attract the right people
How recruiters use LinkedIn to hire the best candidates
96.7 KB
Complete guide / Shape a great LinkedIn profile
179 KB
Action & visibility / Grow your network and connect to the right persons
23.8 KB
5/ Set up your 2020 Job Search Strategy
Introduction / What you need to know about the 2020 job market
14 mins
Competition / The 6 types of candidates you will face
286 KB
DASHBOARD Weekly job applications
100 KB
6/ Luxembourg job market
TOOLS : Find any companies in Luxembourg
Luxembourg Job search strategy (job boards / recruitment agencies / events)
TOOLS : Find the email and connect with anybody
Bonus tools
Exercise : fears and cost of inaction


I have never done anything like this. What should I expect?

It is a e-learning method that covers 100% of the job search scope. Created by recruiters specialised in high level job market, you will find a lot of answers in there and if you don't just ask us we will answer it and then add it in the training.

What type of profile do the professionals have who use your solutions..?

The individuals we support have different type of background. Meanwhile, they all have one common feature: they want to take action and empower their career. Our mission is to support you whatever your professional objective is.

How long does it take to see the first results?

Depending of your profile, your expectations on the job market, we should get some results, in average, between 2 weeks and 2 months after the coaching program. Your CV will surely get you more interviews, you will convert more interviews and get more job offers.

Where are your clients based?

The majority of our clients are based in Europe, they are mainly working in business hubs like Luxembourg, Amsterdam, London, Geneva, Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt.

How long does it take to finish the program?

By making the training seriously with all the exercices you can plan between 4 to 6 hours. Meanwhile, you will also come back to it several time to answer specific answers. On top of that you will have to achieve daily tasks as well to accelerate your job search.

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