CareerPlaybook Online Program

Welcome section
Welcoming words
3 mins
How to use the platform & Google Docs
2 mins
1/ Get more clarity in your career
Make your professional skills assessment (120 minutes work)
2 mins
Who are you as a professional? / Advanced personality tests (60 minutes work)
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2/ Empower your professional branding
The biggest mistake you should avoid on the job market (15 minutes work)
9 mins
Shape your strong Unique Value Proposition with the 5 stars method (90 minutes work)
156 KB
Online presence / Recruiters look at you... Time to clean? (30 minutes work)
3.02 MB
3/ Write the best version of your CV
CV Templates / Executive Level, Classic and junior
59.7 KB
Design & Structure: 15 keys to make your CV stand out
29.5 KB
Persuasive writing / Show the company you are the right solution
8 mins
Power words & success phrasing to boost your professional branding
64.2 KB
Empower your CV with data
217 KB
CV / Resume Final Review Checklist
41.2 KB
Introduction / What you need to know about the CV in 2020
CV structure / The best one according to your career path
4/ LinkedIn: set up a top notch profile to attract the right people
How recruiters use LinkedIn to hire the best candidates
96.7 KB
Complete guide / Shape a great LinkedIn profile
179 KB
Action & visibility / Grow your network and connect to the right persons
23.8 KB
5/ Set up your 2020 Job Search Strategy
Introduction / What you need to know about the 2020 job market
14 mins
Competition / The 6 types of candidates you will face
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DASHBOARD Weekly job applications
100 KB
6/ Luxembourg job market
TOOLS : Find any companies in Luxembourg
Luxembourg Job search strategy (job boards / recruitment agencies / events)
TOOLS : Find the email and connect with anybody
Bonus tools
Exercise : fears and cost of inaction